Fashion for the 4th


It’s almost July and soon it will be time to say Happy Birthday to our nation! This year the 4th of July is on a Wednesday, so we’ll be partying early, this coming weekend.

What festivities do you have planned? Will you be grilling out with friends or attending a neighborhood BBQ? Will you be keeping cool while lounging poolside or spending a weekend at the lake? Then there are the gatherings with family and friends. And the parade too. And fireworks! Whether you enjoy a local event or put on your own light show out in the country, it’ll be a great way to top off the holiday.

So, what are you planning to wear for your 4th of July festivities? Do you have a favorite go-to outfit? Do you want to try something new? Let’s have some fun! Join us on the blog this week as we discuss fashion for the 4th of July.



Your Saturday Special!

It’s the weekend and it’s time for the Saturday Special! Today ALL handbags are 30% off! Weekends are for relaxing, drinking coffee, and shopping. Join us for all three!


Travel Tips – Fashion & Style


This week is devoted to fashion tips and styling hacks, with your summer adventures in mind! Today, let’s touch on more fashion hacks for the airport and for flying.

Slip-On — No one likes the trudge through airport security. One of the easiest ways to streamline the process is to wear shoes that slip on and off easily. Think loafers, ballet flats, or even ankle-boots. And of course, slide-on sandals and mules are the trendy choice for this spring and summer!

Be Jewelry Conscious — If you opt to wear jewelry, make it easier on yourself by choosing long necklaces (that can slip over your head) and cuff bracelets (easy on and easy off). After all, no one likes being bogged down at the metal detector!

Comfort is Key — Consider ditching the blue jeans … choose knits instead. Opt for a colorful maxi skirt, or sleek leggings paired with a long tunic top. If you’re going to be sitting for hours, nothing is comfier than a jersey knit.

Layer It Up — How do you balance the blistering summer temperatures and the chill of an airline cabin? With layers, of course! Try an oversized, comfy knit cardigan. Tie it around your waist if it gets in the way, and simply slip it on when things get chilly. If you get cold easily, consider packing a lightweight scarf in your carry-on.

Travel Tips – Packing


Are you flying this summer? Here are a few of our favorite flying tips, both general, and for packing!

One Carry-on, One Personal Bag — On most airlines, you’re allowed a carry-on bag, plus one personal bag. Sometimes that “personal bag” doesn’t have to be your purse … choose a larger bag, such as a large tote bag or a small duffel, to help maximize your packing space. As long as it will fit by your feet on the plane, you’re good to go! Be sure to double check with your specific airline for any updated information.

Roll, Don’t Fold — Did you know that clothing is easier to pack if you roll the garments, instead of folding? It takes less room too and can also help prevent wrinkling.

Don’t Check Your Jewelry — Never put your valuables in your checked luggage. Pack them in your carry-on instead, or better yet, in your personal bag, so they’re right next to you!

Bonus Travel Tip — Do you get thirsty on long flights? To the point that the tiny cup of complimentary water just doesn’t cut it? You can’t take a full bottle of water through security but try this instead: Take an empty bottle with you through security, and fill it on the other side, before boarding.

Cruise Packing


Pack Like a Pro  —  Are you taking a cruise this summer? Minimize the amount of clothing you have to pack by being savvy about the laundry amenities onboard. Check into your laundry accommodations ahead of time. Will you have access to laundry facilities? If not, consider packing a travel container of laundry soap, and just hand wash from the comfort of the sink in your own suite! One of our favorite tips, from a cruise-savvy ReRun shopper, is to pack inflatable hangers. Have you seen these amazing things? They take up hardly any space. Wash your essentials, and simply hang them to dry. If you opt for this route, be sure to keep an eye out for light weight cotton and nylon fabrics … they dry quicker.

Coffee  —  All right, coffee lovers everywhere! Pack your favorite commuter mug for your trip! You’ll be so glad you have it with you. Not only for the volume of coffee … I’m guessing your mug holds more than a little disposable cup, but for the seal … if you’re carrying coffee up and down stairs on the cruise ship, spill prevention is key!

Pack Up Your Travelers  —  Well … your Chico’s Travelers, that is! The fabric of the classic knitwear line by Chico’s is made of acetate and spandex. It doesn’t wrinkle and it packs like a dream! Plus, the knitwear features a fluid-like drape, which is flattering on any body type. Keep things easy and low-key on your summer cruise with a pair of black Travelers trousers or skirt. Mix and match them with a variety of knit tops to achieve several different outfits. Needing a “little black dress” for your cruise? A Travelers dress would be perfect; comfy, classy, and no wrinkles! And the icing on the cake? The Travelers line can easily go from day to evening, depending on the accessories you pair with it. As you’re shopping for your upcoming trip, be sure to keep your eye out for acetate knits!


Cruise Packing and Travel Tips


Summertime is vacation time! You have a week off from work. It’s rest and relaxation time. It’s “you” time. It’s time to get away!

Are you taking a cruise this summer? Whether you’re bound for Alaska or Cozumel, we’ll have a few quick tips to get you started with your packing, as well as showcasing items in the Boutique right now.

Are you flying somewhere this summer? Check out our Capsule Wardrobe for great ideas on how to maximize a week of clothing with a minimal number of items. You’ll be traveling in style and comfort. Join us this week as we share luggage packing ideas for easy traveling.