Vacation Packing: Camping & Hiking


Does your summer vacation include camping and hiking? We love the great outdoors, away from the city. Hiking and exploring, afternoons lounging at the campsite, and chill time around the campfire. While we’re not here to talk about camping and hiking gear … we do have a few tips about looking fashionable at the campsite, and tips about skin care too.

Fashion/Skin Tip #1:  If you head out on a day hike, or even if you’re just exploring the area around your campsite, a long sleeved top and pants are in order. Skin wise? Not only will it keep you safe from the sun, it will protect your skin from insects and any kind of ivy that could cause an allergic reaction. Fashion wise? A linen blouse with light-weight cargo trousers is perfect. The fabric is breathable, so you’re not too warm, and more areas of skin are protected from the elements.

Fashion/Skin Tip #2:  When you’re back and lounging at the campsite, it’s a perfect time to don some cute shorts and a top. Skin wise? Of course, we recommend sunscreen and if you’re a mosquito magnet, apply that bug spray as well! Fashion wise? What better time to wear your favorite pair of light-wash denim shorts and a flowing top? The denim shorts are just too cute and the flowing top … it flows; bye-bye clingy-look and visible muffin topping.

Fashion/Skin Tip #3: Layers. Yes, even in the summertime, layering is a fashion must-do. Skin wise? If you want your skin to remain dry and comfortable, an absorbent foundation layer is a must. Consider an undershirt that will draw the moisture away from your skin. Fashion wise? Layers add interest. They give you that pulled together look, even when you’re camping. Top your undershirt with a long draping knit vest or scarf.

Enjoy your camping and hiking vacation this summer, being smart with your skin care and looking just as fashionable as you please.



Author: rerunboutique

We are a women's consignment boutique based in Arlington, TX. We love fashion and are committed to our local community!

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